21 Interesting Themes for Rush Apparel

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With Rush approaching, you might be having a hard time trying to figure out what theme you want for your Rush apparel. The theme can also be used on any and all marketing your chapter wishes to do for recruitment. Similar design elements can be used on your flyers and social media posts to brand your chapter's rush.

So we've compiled a list of 21 unique Rush theme ideas for you to make the process of finding one easier.


  • 1.USA Theme
    Can’t go wrong with the red, white and blue!

  • 2.NEON Colors
    Stand out from those pastel rush shirts by doing something bold!

  • 3.Space/Galaxy
    Show ‘em your house is out of this world. Tell them all you do is reach for the stars!

  • 4.Wild Wild West
    Cowboys and horses? YEEEhaw!

  • 5.Floral
    Pick your house flower or the state flower your chapter is in, and base a design around it.

  • 6.TV Shows
    What show did the chapter love watching last year? What show does the whole house love? Got it? Now base a design using elements from that show.

  • 7.Brand/logo Parody
    Pick any evergreen classic brand and imitate the logo/colors to make a unique one that matches your house’s vibe!

  • 8.Gradient
    Why pick just one color when you can get a gradient?

  • 9.Animals and creatures
    Pick a real animal or a mythical creature that really speaks to you all. Maybe it’s the house’s spirit animal. Now use that on a rush shirt!

  • 10.Typography!
    Do something cool with fonts. Make it loud! And you’ve got a centerpiece for you.

  • 11.Tye Dye
    Bring back the 70s vibe. Keep it groovy

  • 12.Music festival parody
    Is there a festival everyone in the house likes going to? Pick one and use elements or themes from the festival to create a design. Bonus: you can wear it to the next music festival you go to.

  • 13.Movie theme
    Pick a classic film or a modern one. Take a character, saying or iconic scene and parody it to match your vibe.

  • 14.Album Artwork
    Parody the artwork of an iconic album!

  • 15.Monuments or iconic buildings
    A state monument or a campus building you all love. Make it the centerpiece of your rush shirt

  • 16.Meme theme
    Me: Let’s do something simple for rush shirts
    Also me: Meme shirts. Hell yeah!

  • 17.Auto racing theme
    Have a house full of people that love cars and car racing? Then why not have a shirt that speaks to that!

  • 18.Fruit theme
    Is that bananas? Well, maybe that’s what y’all need to do!

  • 19.Retro/Vintage
    Pick an era from the past and copy the vibe. Bring it back to the 21st century!

  • 20.Arctic theme
    Stay icy! Keep it cool and stay chill.

  • 21.Video games
    Got a game y’all play much too often at the house? Then why not use it as the
    What theme do you think is great for recruitment apparel? What is something that has worked for your house in the past? Comment below and let us know!

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